# Levels Explained & Calculator

For both the Delivery and Approach section, the framework gives you examples at each level (I, II, III, IV, V, VI, VII), where each step to the next level builds on the previous.

These levels come from the fact that at Attest everyone can make a valued contribution to the business and we don't want to use titles that may carry pre-conceived limitations.

# Level Evolution

We'll periodically be evolving and upgrading the levels, making them more detailed, more relevant, and expanding them. This may involve existing levels or building into levels that don't exist yet, ie level 7+.

# Balanced Levelling Up

An individual would be expected to build on their skills evenly and consistently - so that there is no more than +-1 deviation in their levels across the framework. In other words, an engineer could be mostly L5 and may have one or two attributes that are L4 or L6 but we expect that they would build on their L4 skills first.

For example, if you were to level up in communication from 3 to 4, you should aim for all other categories are at least level 3 first.

This is for the purpose of avoiding stark differences across levels, creating a balanced approach to levelling up across the different categories, and gives a better understanding of what being at each level signifies.

# Level Calculator

The overall level is calculated as an average of all the individual levels in the growth framework.

The delivery category (Delivery Engineer | Delivery Tech Lead) has a double weighting in the average calculation. This represents the importance and significant impact that delivery envelops.

The table below has this average methodology built-in, try it out with different combinations to see how the overall level changes.

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Level Examples (opens new window)